I. How to install, upgrade and uninstall?

1. Installing. It is portable and no installation is required. Just put the executable wherever you want and run it!
Then follow the steps:
1. Enter your username and password.
2. Start monitoring.
3. Hide the application

2. Uninstalling. It doesn’t require installation to run and, for this reason, there’s no uninstallation procedure to perform. Just delete the efuser.exe and ef.ini file and the application will be removed.
If its already runing, then delete the ini file and restart the computer. The application will run again with system startup. Close it and delete the efuser.exe . Alternative way is to simply close the application with Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del or Shift+Esc) and then delete efuser.exe.

3. Upgrading. It is similar to Uninstalling - you just have to replace the efuser.exe .

II. How to activate/desactivate free and paid licenses?

1. Enter the cloud.

2. From menu chose Licenses+ then Activate license.